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I divide my time between bioinformatics, photography, computer, music and scuba diving; with dispersed borders between which is hobby and work. If you want to know more about each area:


I am DevOps manager at Я&R and pixelatedheart.com. I offer my services as trainer in development, SysAdmin Tools and DevOps to sevearal companies, mainly Academia QuantiKa14 and Idit Formación. If you are looking for the material from one of my courses you can find them here. I am involved with free software and licenses. If you want to know more about my talks and projects you can visit FreeOrNot.es. I am Community Leader of Docker and oganizer of WordPress Sevilla meetups and event.  


I am Getty Images contributor . For more information and to know my personal projects, you must visit irespaldizaphoto.es.  


I am bass and guitar player. Tooth, my actual projects is in a period of inactivity. I will let you know when there are news.